We tell your stories: moving pictures, that move people


The stories we tell - to others and even to ourselves - in many ways define us

We mould our reality through the narrative we give it. It’s how we make sense of our every days, our history, how we give shape to the imagination of our futures.
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We can help you find the words you're looking for

For every film job we take on, the hours are heavily stacked towards post-production, giving Anna plenty of capacity to take on copywriting work, filling the lonely expanses of time as Brad slaves over a hot Mac.
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There are some simple rules to making a responsive DRTV ad

The first two are: Urgency and Need. More than you thought possible. Next you need a simple, tangible solution - simple, because it needs to be explained in about 10 seconds.
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Editing starts long before Brad makes a fresh coffee and launches Final Cut

It starts with the concepts and ideas we develop with you, as together we set aside the background noise and extraneous detail to focus on the story that really gets to the heart of the matter.
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why us?

Because we're specialists

This is all we do - it is our bread and butter, our life's work, and we want to share our passion with you.

Because we're small

We're only ever working on one or two jobs at a time, so you have our full attention and, whatever size your organisation, you'll be one of our biggest and most important clients.

Because of our experience

We're not film-makers dipping our toes in the charity market, not marketeers dabbling in film. For us, film and fundraising go hand in hand - we understand charities, and we know what we need to supply.

What's New?

briefly about us

Night. Brad and Anna sit on doorstep viewing iPad
A team with over 25 years combined experience

Whether you need a DRTV ad, a promo, a documentary short or an incredible ‘thank you’ for your supporters, we’ll help you find - and tell - the story.

Brad does the movie-making: filming, editing, sound, photography, direction. Anna handles the writing, production management, and day to day client contact.

We'd love to talk about what film could do for your organisation. Get in touch.

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