The stories we tell about ourselves in many ways define us. Whether that's as individuals, groups - or organisations.

Stories are the way we make sense of the past and shape the vision for our futures.

We want to help to tell the most compelling story there is about your work. That story will help everyone understand why your work is important.

The process of finding the essential story is a process: there are steps to follow, blanks to be filled. What emerges is a lens on your organisation. To complete the task we'll all (you, and us) need to explore and understand your work and what motivates it. What is your 'product' and why do people need it, or want to support it.

We'll have a deep understanding of what your film needs to achieve, and have key shots, story points and critical messages agreed before we get the cameras out of their bags.

There are remarkable stories to be told about the work you do. We tell them in the most beautiful way you can imagine.

Still, Nepali Woman and Child, crop

Still, Nepali Woman and Child, crop