AKU | Help cure Black Bone Disease

Alkaptonuria Society | Help cure Black Bone Disease

This is an Indiegogo pitch video to cure a very rare, degenerative disease called Alkaptonuria, or Black Bone Disease. By funding this project, you can make a cure a reality.

Three years ago, Nick Sireau gave up his job in order to devote himself, full time, to finding a cure for his kids. Working with teams in Liverpool, the United States and across Europe, they have recently found a very promising treatment. It's a drug called Nitisinone. If given early enough in life, it’s effectively a cure. Scientists in Liverpool have proven this in their laboratory studies. The challenge is proving this in a clinical trial, to make this cure a reality.

You can help cure Black Bone Disease by donating to the crowd funding campaign:
The Indiegogo campaign will be live on September 1.

The AKU Society

Made by bradbell.tv in collaboration with Nick Sireau
Music by johnny_ripper

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