Battersea | Gala Appeal Video 2012

Battersea | Gala Appeal Video

Each year, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home hold the Collars & Coats Gala Ball for some of their major donors, to thank them for their support, give them a chance to meet some of the Home's current residents, and to give to a specific earmarked appeal.

Last year, the subject of the appeal was bricks and mortar: rebuilding some of Battersea's crumbling old kennel blocks. Not surprisingly the appeal went down a storm.

This year, the appeal was to raise funds to recruit and train more veterinary nurses to the Battersea team, a quite different proposition and one leading on people rather than animals.

We spent two days filming at Battersea, shadowing a trainee veterinary nurse, Amy, on her duties. Our challenge was to make the audience feel that by giving to the appeal, they could - through her - care for those needy animals who come through Battersea's doors.

Newborn kitten in the hands of a Battersea vet nurse

It's fair to say we were all a bit nervous about the filming. Because cats and dogs come in to Battersea and are rehomed again with a fairly quick turnaround, we really had no idea what sort of animals - and in what condition - we'd be able to film. All the Home's staff were on alert to let us know about any interesting new cases that came in while we were filming. We're indebted to all of the staff, to the veterinary nursing team, and especially to Amy for all their help to make this movie a success.

The target for the video was to help raise £30k on the night of the Collars and Coats ball. Instead, we helped raise over £60k.

Bramble regarding vet nurse Amy

Shot on a Canon 550D modified with Magic Lantern firmware, using Canon 28mm f2.8 and Tokina 16mm f2.8 lenses.

Made by in collaboration with Liz Tait @liztait and Hannah Lloyd from @BDCH, and Anna Bell. Written by Anna Bell
Locations, animals, vets, and especially nurses provided by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home - and ultimately donors like you ;-)

Music by Chris Zabriskie
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