NSPCC | What Will You Leave Children? HD

NSPCC | What Will You Leave Children? HD

HD version of a TV spot.

This 40 second spot is part of an integrated campaign to raise awareness about the possibility of leaving a legacy in your will to help the NSPCC protect children from neglect and abuse.

The best legacy video ever made..?!
Captures mission, hope, future need and present urgency.
Beautiful messaging and tugs at the heart strings.
40 seconds of brilliance - well done NSPCC, I hope it serves your cause as well as it deserves xx
83Adelaide, YouTube

"Children learn from us, share our interests and inherit our funny little ways. Watch our latest TV ad, then tell us your thoughts and inspire others at www.whatwillweleave.org.uk. Our children are our future, so find out too how you can protect them with a gift in your will."

Client: NSPCC
Agency: Whitewater
Art Director: Simon Lane
Director of Photography: Ole Birkland | www.olebirkeland.com
Music: Elizabeth Mitchell | www.youaremyflower.org
Voice: John Cleese | www.thejohncleese.com
Director|Editor: Brad Bell | www.storypartners.tv