RSPCA | Biggest Animal Rescue

RSPCA | Biggest Animal Rescue

This ad represents a new approach to RSPCA's direct response TV ads: instead of relying on pulling heart strings, using human and animal actors in situations that would never realistically be caught on camera, the new spots take a news-like approach, using an actual RSPCA inspector as the spokesperson, and real animals in RSPCA kennels.

It seems in many ways like we are exchanging of emotion for urgency, which was initially worrying. It wasn't clear that this more rational and direct approach would work. But it did work. Very, very well. (Response mechanisms included phone, web, and text messaging a request for a call-back.)

I think of the new ads as having the characteristics of the internet: factual, personal, casual, authentic, and urgent, with a higher frequency of exchanges. The spot is followed up by a new spot in the same format after 9 months or so.

View the second of the spots, Biggest Animal Rescue 2.

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Written & directed by Nick Couldry.