The Brooke | Brick Kilns DRTV

The Brooke | Brick Kilns DRTV

DRTV from 2006 for The Brooke, who provide veterinary care and training for working horses and donkeys. The livlihoods of millions of families around the world rely on work animals. The donkeys in this spot are essential to the production of bricks for building.

This ad was shot on a Sony Z1 with a crew of 2 people, at brick kilns outside Delhi, India. Shot and edited by Brad Bell.

Nick Couldry, Creative Director at Whitewater writes:

It was an amazing trip, and several things will stay with us. Firstly, the dedication of the Brooke's veterinary staff, who show the animals they see such kindness and respect. Also, the way they show the animals’ owners how to treat and prevent some of the conditions that are common to working animals in such a hot climate. Which brings me to the heat. 42 degrees was bad enough, but add to that the heat generated by the earth-covered kilns, where tens of thousands of hand-moulded clay bricks baked in burning coal and woodchips – the soles of Brad’s boots were melting off as he filmed a heat haze sequence on top of one of these. And of course, the stars of the ad… you know the saying ‘never work with animals or children’? You ain’t been there until you’ve tried directing a donkey!

Donkey camera Brad Brad leans down to give our star donkey a hug