• SolarAid | Brave1 Bad Light

    SolarAid | Brave1 Bad Light

    Want to know what life in rural Malawi is like without electricity? Brave Mhonie tells us how burning a branch...

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  • SolarAid | Brave2 Products

    SolarAid | Brave2 Products

    Why do we sell solar lights? What difference do they make and how much do they cost? And why are...

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  • SolarAid | Brave3 Schools

    SolarAid | Brave3 Schools

    Brave tells us how many rural schools in Malawi bulk buy toxic and explosive kerosene fuel to light classrooms. What...

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  • SolarAid | Lighter Learning

    SolarAid | Lighter Learning

    The SolarAid solution is simple: harness the extraordinary power of the sun with robust, reliable solar technology so schools can...

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  • SolarAid | My Name is Athmani

    SolarAid | My Name is Athmani

    We began shooting 30 seconds after meeting Athmani. As filmmakers, we have a micro-footprint - in terms of resources, energy,...

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  • SolarAid | A Long Wait

    SolarAid | A Long Wait

    Filmed on Chole Island, Tanzania, SolarAid's latest film tells the story of Sele, who has woken up in a new...

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  • NDCS | Welcome to NDCS (iPad)

    NDCS | Welcome to NDCS (iPad)

    The National Deaf Children's Society asked us to come up with a short film to be played on an iPad...

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  • Maggie’s Edinburgh | Claire’s Story

    Maggie’s Edinburgh | Claire’

    Claire's story. Maggie's Edinburgh has heard hundreds of stories from people touched by cancer since it opened in 1996. Stories...

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  • Maggie’s Cheltenham | Carol’s Story

    Maggie’s Cheltenham | Carol’

    Maggie's Cheltenham has heard hundreds of stories from people touched by cancer since it opened in 2010. Stories of triumph,...

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  • SolarAid | Meet John, Meet SolarAid

    SolarAid | Meet John, Meet SolarAid

    Meet John, Meet SolarAid This video for SolarAid uses a rapid stream of light streaked photos to talk about two...

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  • SolarAid | Sunny Schools

    SolarAid | Sunny Schools

    Bring to life the science of solar and global climate change in your school. Sunny Schools is SolarAid's first UK...

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  • NSPCC | Nurture3 for DVD

    NSPCC | Nurture3 for DVD

    This legacy fundraising DVD follows on from the TV commercial, "What Will We Leave?" With music by Max Richter...

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  • SolarAid | Hot 100

    SolarAid | Hot 100

    SolarAid challenges 100 supporters to each raise £1000 in 2011, through a challenge of their choice! A promo movie to...

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  • SolarAid| Solar Roller

    SolarAid| Solar Roller

    What do you get when you combine the power of the sun, a Jackie Chan action movie and your donation?...

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